Klyn Begin – Anhou Win
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Ons Klyntji

Die eerste en oudste Afrikaanse tydskrif in die heelal, sedert 1896.


Call for submissions

Vriende / friends

Having survived the relegation battle, Day Zero, most of the Super Rugby season and over a year of the Trump administration we are happy to announce that we’ll be bringing out another Ons Klyntji zine this year.

What we’re looking for are your contributions, written or visual. There is no set theme, but we do appreciate material that concerns the here and now: love & politics, drought & roll, the road & the verge, music & the movement, spirits & genes, the city & the land, origins & myth, cursor & click, if you liked this you might also like & suggested for you. (This means: you write what you left swipe.) Writings about South Africa, Africa, South Africans and Africans will be appreciated.

Please submit this, that, or the other thing:

  • Your three best poems
  • Short stories no longer than 2500 words
  • Photographs, graphics, sketches, images, doodles etc that work in black and white, and smallish (Ons Klyntji is printed the size of your back pocket)
  • Book and CD reviews of no longer than 150 words a shot (focus on South African and African material, fiction or non-fiction, poetry or non-poetry)
  • Interviews with a creative of your choice (max 2000 words)
  • A short thesis on why South Africans consider the orange traffic light to be an invitation to speed the hell up (max 100 words)

You can submit in any language of your choice. We even speak parseltongue.

Please submit to either info@toastcoetzer.com or sendusyourpoems@gmail.com

Deadline: 15 June 2018, midnight CAT

We offer no payment for published contributions but you’ll receive a free copy of the zine – and a drink from one of the editors if you manage to corner us in bar and hold us to it. Also: free stokage.

The plan is to launch this edition at OppiKoppi in August (Where It Belongs).


Toast Coetzer, Erns Grundling & Alice Inggs (your editors)