Want to OppiKoppi, but tight on budget? Here, have a ticket

Want to OppiKoppi, but tight on budget? Here, have a ticket

In exchange for a poem or illustration


As per the sweet words of Neil Young: "Old man look at my life, 24 and there's so much more." This year OppiKoppi turns 24, and is still moving forward. The time has come for it to take its next steps into the beyond. To paraphrase Felix Laband: “I’m not afraid of moving slowly, but I’m afraid of standing still.” This year's festival has something for one and all on Mzansi's dusty soil.

In an interview with Klyntji, visual artist Resoborg shares what OppiKoppi means to him – a coming together of diverse people and cultures. This years' festival poster speaks about fables and legends that roam the streets of this magical pilgrimage. 

We're especially looking forward to DJ Bob's Jazz Club, which is conveniently located where roads meet in the sweet, sweet shade. All whilst life continues to rage around this comfy cultural bushveld den. There's even an art gallery. It's like the Top Bar, Down Under. This is DJ Bob's 22nd OppiKoppi – he knows this shit, and is keen to spread the word. As Bra Hugh Masekela said: "Love, Learn and Teach."

You're invited to the climbing of new heights.


Draw or write your way to Northam

Send us your illustration or poem of anything related to OppiKoppi. We will gladfully exchange two OppiKoppi tickets to the drawing that best captures the spirit of this sabbath. For the poem that speaks again and again and again, two tickets.

The best submissions will be published. 

Deadline: Friday, 20 July, 17:00

Submit to: oppikoppi@klyntji.com


This is also in Afrikaans. Read more about Klyntji here.