Coloured en Moslem-wees by die Universiteit van Stellenbosch

Coloured en Moslem-wees by die Universiteit van Stellenbosch
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Thaakierah Abdul onderstreep haar identiteit en kultuur

Thaakierah Abdul het verlede jaar grafiese ontwerp afstudeer by die Universiteit van Stellenbosch. Sy vertel dat haar manier van ontwerp nooit by die Stellenbosch-kriterium ingepas het nie. "In 2014, when I started my academic year at Stellenbosch University, I experienced a huge culture shock. It was a lot different to the crowds of people I was accustomed to socialising with. I attended an Islamic primary school and a Coloured high school, so I was always placed within my comfort zone. Entering Stellenbosch I felt extremely inferior because I was a Coloured being within a white majority. Not only am I Coloured but I am Muslim too. It seemed like a double burden at the time."

Thaakierah het toe in haar finale jaar oor haar akademiese ervaring en benadering besin en besef dat sy 'n verandering moes maak om haar selfwaarde te herbevestig. Sy het ook besluit om haar identiteit te verken om vertroue in haarself as individu en ontwerper te herwin. "I took my fourth year as an opportunity to explore the Cape Malay identity - visually translate it through the use of colourful designs and then finally to exhibit it within Stellenbosch, a white dominated community in which my identity was suppressed. It was an extremely overwhelming experience to have gone through because many people were uneducated about the topic, some were more interested than others, and also many igorant and stereotypical views were raised when I engaged with students passing by my work. It has given me a greater insight as to how my identity is viewed as a whole from the perspective of not only global but local individuals too. Through this I have grown as a Cape Malay individual I am more informed about my identity and more confident in my skin. My love for my culture has increased thoroughly and I plan on imprinting this love and appreciation in my design work."

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