Hierdie campaign gebruik Boere-Afrikaner apparel om te verenig

Hierdie campaign gebruik Boere-Afrikaner apparel om te verenig

In hierdie shoot word die two-tone hemp van die argetipiese boer en Afrikaner herbedink as 'n Suid-Afrikaanse kledingstuk. Mac Eleven, 'n nuwe klerereeks met Sfundo Nathane as creative director, draai kulturele stigmas op hul kop. Hy beskryf dit so:

"Mac Eleven specialises in manufacturing high quality garments that are unique and stand out. Our logo is based on one that was used by a white supremacist – we saw a creative opportunity to make use of the controversy behind it by drawing inspiration from the most unlikely of references. We designed an updated version of what is known as the boer shirt, or the farmer shirt as it is known to some, reason being that in the black community there is a lot of stigma attached to it. 

Seeing as it was worn by white people whilst oppressing black people, it causes division amongst South Africans to this day. By designing this shirt we wanted to say South Africans are so focused on hating one another that we forget what it means to be human beings, co-existing in a such a beautiful place where we can build a better future for the coming generations. We should be working together to rebuild our education system, the confidence of the people and the belief in the infinite possibilities of using one's brain. It is the most powerful tool we have, but we are using it to do more bad than good.

For this shoot we chose a black model to mimic the typical boer image, as a way of saying that we are all the same. There is no use in hating one another. Every black person has a white person inside and vice versa. We chose to use a shop that sells vintage military gear, one that we as black people consider to be white people's clothes, to add to the feel of the images. Our aim is to sell South African culture to the rest of the world, to make it appealing to a point where we are not seen as a third world country any longer. For this reason we've designed high-end boer shirts as our signature piece. 

Afrikaners, like vintage non-apartheid Afrikaners, are my favourite because they've always had a special relationship with black people, some of which became best friends. To me that is an amazing feat to acknowledge."

Model: Odirile

Direction: Brommando Studios

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